If you are adventurous and love discovering the hidden gems that are just waiting to be found, then we have the perfect answer for you. In conjunction with local communities we have developed the Greenfire Lodge Wild Coast as well as 4 Adventure Camps along what is the ultimate adventure playground – the Transkei Wild Coast.

This is the ultimate adventure holiday. Take a backpack or a mountain bike and traverse this incredible stretch of coastline while staying at the Lodge or various camps along the coastline. The Greenfire Lodge Wild Coast is hidden in a grove of Coastal Milkwood trees at the secluded Lambazi Bay (Port Grosvenor). The four camps are located at Msikaba, Luphuthana, Manteku and Ntafufu respectively. The camps are spectacularly located and each offers twelve large, twin bedded, en-suite tented units under thatch. Contact Greenfire to arrange your perfect adventure holiday.