Greenfire Adventure Camps

BUILT WITHIN A CONCESSION that stretches from Port St Johns in the south to Mkambati Nature Reserve in the north – a unique area that has escaped development and that offers a very dramatic stretch of coastline, these four Adventure Camps provide the outdoor enthusiast with a unique opportunity to enjoy this remote area in relative comfort.

Each of the camps are spectacularly located and each offers twelve large, twin bedded en-suite tented units under thatch as well as a central, under-cover kitchen / lounge area. Kitchens are equipped with gas stoves, fridges, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. All camps have a reliable water supply and gas geysers which provide for hot showers etc.

We look forward to ensuring that your stay on the Wild Coast is most adventurous.


The Wild Coast is not called the Wild Coast for nothing. The journey to all four camps is not an easy one but once you are there you will find it well worth it. The location of each camp is pristine and absolutely breathtaking!

A high clearance vehicle will be essential and 4 wheel drive will be a great help on the wet roads after rain. Please look out for livestock, pedestrians and potholes at all times when travelling here. Avoid travelling at night.

You need to be totally self sufficient for your trip to any of the camps. There are no shops, restaurants, fuel stations or services after the town of Lusikisiki and even there stock is limited.

Camp Information

Each of the four camps have a central communal area. The communal area is a large thatched structure (10m x 10m) with a dining area as well as a self catering kitchen, scullery and lock up storeroom. Here we will provide the following:

  • Fridge and freezer space
  • 1 very large stainless steel cooler box
  • No bait allowed in freezers – you are more than welcome to bring your own gas / battery operated cooler box / freezer for your bait
  • Cutlery and crockery (for 24 people)
  • 3 piece gas stove with gas (Note there is no oven!)
  • 2 pot basins with hot and cold running water
  • Tables and chairs (both wooden and camping)
  • 1 x large Braai grid
  • Nature guide books and tide charts
  • Braai area outside the communal area. (Beach fires not allowed!)
  • There are lights in the kitchen, storeroom and inside and just outside the communal area.

You will need to bring your own:

  • Food
  • Drinks (note that the tap water at the camps is drinkable but it is borehole water).
  • Please try to bring cans rather than glass down to the camp when there is an option as this makes it easier for us to remove).
  • Charcoal (wood is not to be removed from the forest but may be collected from the beach – please ask the camp manager for assistance)
  • Torches

Accommodation at the four camps are all similar and all the tents are the same on the inside.

  • There are twelve units at each camp.
  • Each unit has two single beds, therefore there are 24 beds in total at each camp.
  • There is a small table and chair in each room.
  • Each tent is raised off the ground and has a thatched roof as well as a wooden balcony.
  • The rooms are en-suite and have a hot and cold water shower, toilet and basin.
  • There are 3 lights in each room – one for the room, bathroom and balcony. Please switch off when not in use.
  • Power supply may be limited at times.
  • You will need to bring all your own linen!

The Msikaba Adventure Camp is located at the mouth of the Msikaba River – with the wonderful Mkambati Game Reserve on the other bank.  It is an adventure wonderland, with copious waterfalls and small streams making their way to the sea, and sights of wildebeest and other animals are frequent. Going the other way, it is a short hike to Lambazi Bay (Port Grosvenor), and fishing – as with the entire coastline – is amazing. The units themselves, as well as the communal area, are protected by vegetation and are somewhat protected from the elements.

Things to do at Msikaba:

  • Beach (note there are no shark nets)
  • Day walks
  • Fishing – bring your own rods and bait (please note that you may not store bait in our freezers/coolers). There is no fishing allowed north of the lagoon or in the Msikaba estuary – fishing permits are required)
  • Canoeing – a R250 refundable deposit and a R50 per day hire fee, obtain receipt from camp manager. You are welcome to take the canoes onto the Msikaba river – please don’t take them out to see, they are not designed for use on the ocean).
  • The life jackets are there for your own safety – please use them.
  • No quad bikes allowed!

The Luphuthana Adventure Camp is build a little off the beaten track. Luphuthana is located close to our Lambazi Bay Lodge, and is perfectly located for the adventurer. The iconic natural attractions of Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock are located in the area. Don’t forget your mountain bike for some unforgettable trail riding. The units themselves are protected by vegetation and are somewhat protected from the elements.

Things to do at Luphuthana:

  • Beach (note there are no shark nets)
  • Day walks to Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock are a few kilometres away and make for a great day’s hike
  • No quad bikes allowed!

The Manteku Adventure Camp is built unobtrusively beside an indigenous coastal dune, with easy access to the beach and the river. There is plenty to do, with walks to numerous local attractions, fantastic fishing, and you can hire canoes from the camp manager (for the river, not the sea!). This is a great family destination – perfect for the little ones. The units themselves are protected by vegetation and are somewhat protected from the elements.

Things to do at Manteku

  • Beach (note there are no shark nets)
  • Day walks
  • No quad bikes allowed!

The Ntafufu Adventure Camp is located in the heart of Pondoland, only 10km from Port St. Johns, located at the estuary of the Ntafufu River. With a beautiful 2km beach almost exclusively for you, and no towns, electric lights or shops to get in the way of your enjoyment, bunker down for an amazing experience. Fishing is phenomenal, and there are natural wonders – including the Magwa Falls – within easy day hike distance. Together with the Ntafufu Lagoon’s mangroves, this is one of the most picturesque spots along the Wild Coast. The units themselves are protected by vegetation and are somewhat protected from the elements.

Things to do at Ntafufu

  • Beach (note there are no shark nets)
  • Day walks
  • No quad bikes allowed!